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  • 4 channel paging mic
  • 12" gooseneck mic included
  • Digital Frequency Shifter
  • Selectable chime
  • Works as an IFB

The Glensound BEATRICE PM4 is a 4 channel desktop Dante paging mic. It is simple to use with key features hidden to prevent tampering. A digital frequency shifter prevents unwanted howl when the mic might pick up nearby audio from a speaker, and a selectable announcement chime is available. It is a very small footprint allowing use where desk space is at a premium.

The PM4 connects to the network via a single network cable which provides the audio link and power via PoE.

Talk Buttons
The Beatrice PM4 can output audio to 4 different network locations using the top panel push buttons. These buttons are low profile with blue LED back lighting to indicate an active channel. There are scribble strips under each button for labelling.

These are the selectable button operation modes:

  • Latching
    Pressing a button latches it on or off
  • Momentary (Push To Talk)
    Press and hold a button to talk. When it is released the button delatches.
  • Intelligent (momentary and latching)
    A quick press will latch the button. A press and hold will activate then unlatch when released
  • Multiple Output Announcements
    A quick press of multiple channels and hold the last selected. This will activate the channels then all channels will unlatch when the button is released.

Mic Gain Adjust
On the underside of the unit there is the microphone gain adjustment. This is adjusted via small recessed screw. This can then be simply set by an engineer and reduces the chance of the operator making any unwanted changes. A level indicator LED will show when the input is at line level.

There is a switch to select between dynamic and condenser mics with 48V Phantom power.

Configurable Options
The PM4 has several advanced functions that can be configured as required.

  • Announcement Chime
    A short audible chime can be selected to play before announcements to alert the listeners that an announcement is coming. The channel LED light will flash while the chime is playing and go solid blue to indicate that the mic is live and the chime has finished.
  • Frequency Shifter
    The PM4 features a sophisticated frequency shifter that prevents the undesirable howl and whine associated with feedback.
  • Low Cut Filter
    This filter removes the lower frequencies from the input. Typically bangs and knocks on the desk (or PM4 itself) produce low frequencies which are picked up by the mic, so having this filter on reduces handling and undesirable noise from entering the PA system.

A 9 pin d-type connector on the rear panel sends a contact closure output when each of the 4 talkback buttons are pressed, allowing signalling and control to other systems.

Network Connection & Power
Power is supplied via PoE on the network connection using a Neutrik EtherCON locking RJ45 connector. This single connection provides the audio connection and power. PoE is received from the network switch or via a midspan PoE injector.

The PM4 is 101 x 122 x 62mm (WXDXH)
Four solid rubber feet ensure the Pm4 is solid on the counter and will not move.


Audio routing on the network is controlled by Dante Controller. This is a free download from

The PM4 will have been named by Glensound to allow discovery by Dante Controller.

The format used for the PM4 name is:
‘PM4-sn-XXXX. This is the serial number which will correspond with the number on the rear of the unit.

Select the output routing on Dante controller to the required destination on other Dante/AES67 devices on the network. It is good practice to rename the channels to a more meaning label. This can be achieved by selecting Device Info on the tabs, double click the PM4, then rename the transmit channels.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE): 48V
Consumption:  5W
Power On LED: Blue

Dante® Chipset: Ulitmo
AES67 Compliant: Yes
Number Of Network Interfaces: 1
Coper Ethernet: 1x Neutrik EtherCON Connectors
Audio Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
Transfer Rate: 100 Mbps
Resolution: 24 bit

Size: 101 x 122 x 62 mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 340g
Mechanics: All aluminium construction, anodized and laser etched. powder coated sides

Mic Input Gain Rnage: Dynamic 48 - 68db,
                                 Phantom 38 - 58dB.
Phantom Power: 48v
Equivalent Input Noise: -125dBu
Frequency Responce: 100Hz to 20kHz. +/- 1dB
                                300Hz to 20kHz. +/- 1dB

Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to +70 °C (-4 to 158 °F)
Relative Humidty: 0 to 95% non-condensing

Handbook: Available by download
RJ45 Network Cable: 2 metre Cat5 RJ45 Plug / RJ45 Plug Cable

12" Goose Neck Microphone
Note: Microphone is for images purposes and my differ from one received with item 


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