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+44 1622 753662

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Mission Statement

Glensound designs and builds the highest quality audio systems for the broadcast, live and commercial audio market.

  • As our primary users are in broadcast, our designs will be rugged and reliable to withstand the rigours of the outside broadcast world.  We will use special manufacturing techniques to reduce damage from typical mis-handling from the nature of products that are moved often.
  • Glensound systems often contain live audio for the world of broadcast and live events.  As such we will ensure that our designs contain systems to manage high input levels without distortion or clipping, and prevent external interference to the audio path.  We will always use high quality components in a continuing effort to keep noise low and to provide the cleanest sounding audio.
  • Many of our operators are non technical, so we will keep our product designs familiar to the operator and straightforward to use.
  • We will keep control of our whole design and manufacturing process in-house.  This allows us to maintain quality control in design and through every stage of manufacture.  Our in-house design also allows us to be flexible, to make sure that we provide solutions that our customers really need.
  • We will continually strive to design the best audio solutions for our customers, looking for original solutions, and not following the crowd.
  • Our continuing objective is to provide high quality audio products for the best possible price.