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The Glensound BEATRICE B1 is an ultra compact, robust, portable single channel beltpack intercom designed for broadcast, theatre and professional audio applications.

It is part of our Beatrice intercom system that utilises the reliable and proven Dante® network audio transmission protocol to allow real time distribution of uncompressed audio across standard ethernet networks. As such the BEATRICE B1 is also fully compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment using the Dante® protocol. It is also AES67 compliant.

This small beltpack was designed to be very easy to use for the operator and simple to setup for the technician. It includes all the basic functionality required for small intercom systems and none of the overly complex installation requirements normally associated with large systems.

Single Channel 
One single user connected to the unit can listen and communicate with 1 other circuit on the network. Depending upon how the Dante network has been routed the incoming audio circuits and outgoing circuits can be different locations. 

Dante Routing & Partyline Mode
Audio routing to/ from other devices is setup using Dante controller which allows for point to multipoint routing on outgoing circuits (but only 1 single incoming circuit for an incomming channel). An inbuilt partyline facility allows the incoming circuit to be routed to the output circuit making a simple partyline.

External Mic Input 
A good quality, clear sounding microphone amplifier designed for communication purposes is fitted which also has the benefit of a compressor/ limiter circuit to help keep levels and intelligibility consistent even when the operator gets overly excited. Twelve Volt Phantom power is also available and can be turned on/ off as required.

Volume & Panning
The front panel features an easy to use volume control.
When in configuration mode, this control can also be used to pan the incomming circuit to one ear or the other.

PoE Powered 
The Beatrice B1 is powered via the Ethernet cable by standard PoE (Power over Ethernet), which can be supplied by an external PoE switch or a midspan power injector.

Headphone Output 
One of our unique headphone amplifiers are fitted to the Beatrice B1, these allow either low or high impedance headphones to be used and automatically adjust the output level to match the impedance of headphones in use. The headphone amplifier is stereo and sources can be panned to left or right ears as desired. The unique headphone amplifier can also drive mono earpieces from its stereo output without any performance issues. 

Multipin XLR Headset Connector 
As standard the Beatrice B1 is fitted with a 5 pin balanced XLR socket for the microphone input and headphone output. It can also be supplied with a 4 XLR plug.

Call Function 
A simple call function is inbuilt allowing the operator of one unit to call/alert other users that they want to communicate with them. To call another user the operator double taps the speak key of the channel they want to call, this then flashes a bright yellow call LED on the other users keypanel, which continues to flash until the call is answered. As well as flashing a LED at the receiving end of the call an audible ‘beep’ can be set to alert the user that an incoming call has been placed to them.

Call/ Presence Indicator 
Each channel has it’s own red LED that acts as a called/ presence detector on the incoming audio circuit. When audio is detected the LED is lit and it stays lit for a short period after the incoming audio stops. When an incomming call is detected then the LED will flash.

Ultra Compact
The Beatrice B1 is manufactured using lightweight but strong aluminium. It has laser etched aluminium front & rear panels and powder coated aluminium sides. The form factor has been carefully designed to be as small as the internal electronics allow whilst keeping user buttons, microphone and headphone output ergonomically positioned for optimum user experience. Weighing in at just 230g it is light enough to easily transport and at just 65 x 131 x 36mm it won’t get in the way.


The name Beatrice was chosen for our intercom range as she was the love of Dante Alighieri:

‘Dante had fallen in love with another, Beatrice Portinari (known as Bice), whom he first met when he was only nine.’

Source Wikipedia.

We hope that you too fall in love with Beatrice.

As standard the Beatrice B1 is supplied with a 5 pin XLR headset interface.

It can however be ordered with a 4 pin headset interface instead.

Part numbers are:

Beatrice B1 (5 Pin XLR)

Beatrice B1-X4 (4 Pin XLR)

Wiring for the headset interfaces are to common standards as detailed below, it maybe possible to provide other custom wiring configurations if required, please email with your requirements.

Beatrice B1 Wiring Info

Connector type: 5 Pin XLR Socket (female XLR fitted suitable for mating with cable mounted male)

PIN 1: Mic -
PIN 2: Mic +
PIN 4: Headphone Left
PIN 5: Headphone Right

Beatrice B1-X4 Wiring Info

Connector type: 4 Pin XLR Plug (male XLR fitted suitable for mating with cable mounted female)

PIN 1: Mic - (Mic GND)
PIN 2: Mic +
PIN 3: Headphone GND
PIN 4: Headphone +

Dante DDM Seal

                    The Beatrice B1 has been tested with and works with Dante Domain Manager.


Please read the manual for installation instructions.

The latest Version Of the Firmware is v1.7

The download location of this file is:

Audinate Dante® Firmware

Currently no updates to factory installed Dante firmware have ever been released. Your unit will already have up to date Dante firmware in it.

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