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Paradiso Commentary Product Sub Cat DTMF006 Angle CAT FW 19 Mic Amps

ATM Software A comprehensive setup program is supplied with each AES47 subrack. This windows based software allows a user to set up and configure the ATM connection, the Audio connections and to control alarm conditions. The hardware does not require a pe

STATUS\r\nThis shows some basic information about the AES47 subrack, including the MAC address (a unique identifier for all pieces of ATM equipment) and allows the user to set the operation of the alarm relays.\r\n\r\nAUDIO PVC's\r\nCurrently we only support Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC's). A PVC is one method of setting up a route across an ATM network. Each channel card can receive audio on one vci and transmit audio on up to 8 vci's. If a number of channels are all transmitting on the same vci, then the channel receiving that vci will mix the signals together.\r\n\r\nAUDIO SOURCE SF\r\nComprehensive sample rate settings & converters are available. For the analogue inputs ADC conversion can be set at any rate from 8 to 192 kHz.\r\n\r\nFor the AES3 inputs the sample rate being sent to the AES47 network can be fixed, in which case if the incoming AES3 sample rate does not match then sample rate converters will automatically switch in. Alternatively an AUTO mode is available where a range of acceptable sample rates can be set, if the AES3 input sample frequency matches one of the set rates then the AES3 signal will be transparently sent across the network, if the sample frequency does not match then sample rate converters will be switches in. This is a particularly useful facility if bandwidth across the ATM network needs to be managed carefully. \r\n\r\nAUDIO DESTINATION SF\r\nSample rate conversion can also be set for audio being received from the AES47 network. DAC can be set for the analogue outputs (an AUTO mode is available to prevent incompatible rates being set). Sample rate converters can also be set for the incoming AES3 signals, these can be permanently fixed or like the Source SF an AUTO mode is available. The software is intelligent and will prevent unusable settings being programmed by the operator.\r\n\r\nSOLUTIONS FOR ASYNCHRONOUS NETWORKS\r\nAs with any digital environment with lots of digital audio equipment the coherent locking of equipments clocks is important to prevent jitter. Single sites generally have a master clock, therefore 2 separate sites have 2 master clocks and although these 2 clocks are likely to be working to a high degree of accuracy they will inevitably not be completely in sync with each other. Joining up equipment on these 2 clocks via an ATM network could therefore potentially cause jitter. The technically correct solution is to lock all 'master' clocks at different sites together using satellites or a telecoms clock.\r\n\r\nInevitably sites are not always locked together. To cope with this our AES47 equipment incorporates a clever algorithm that is capable of realising that two clocks are not locked together and then as necessary to prevent audible jitter the equipment will drop or repeat samples during periods of silence in the audio or if not available during periods of consistent similar frequency and level.

ATM Hardware Glensound ATM hardware options

We have designed and manufacture a common set of ATM printed circuit boards (pcbs) that are available in a number of different packages. There are 2 main pcbs the network card and the channel card. The network card interfaces with the ATM network (or directly connects to another network card) and provides connectivity for up to 8 channel cards. The channel cards connect to your existing audio equipment either AES3 or stereo analogue.\r\n \r\nAs well as the network and channel cards the equipment requires a power supply. There are 2 basic different power supplies 1 running from 100 to 250 Volts AC and 1 running from 50 Volts DC. Equipment can be fitted with any combination of the 2 power supplies. The equipment will run from just a single power supply fitting the 2nd is for redundancy.\r\nThe power inlet panel also gives relay loop outputs to indicate alarm conditions, the type of faults indicated by the alarm can be user programmed by software.\r\n \r\nThe AES47 equipment is available in 1, 3 and 5RU 19 Inch subracks.\r\nThe 1RU subrack houses just 1 network card and 1 channel card.\r\nThe 3RU subrack houses 1 network and up to 4 channel cards.\r\nThe 5RU subrack houses 1 network and up to 8 channel cards\r\n